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jailhouse sentence in Hindi

"jailhouse" meaning in Hindijailhouse in a sentence
  • Morgan Freeman makes his jailhouse narrator the bedrock of the tale.
  • And then there's his jailhouse counselor, Rosie Grier.
  • On Friday, he declined media requests for a jailhouse interview.
  • And he's turned into a pretty good jailhouse lawyer.
  • A Jailhouse REIT Investors can't seem to get enough.
  • His mobility was hobbled by a set of jailhouse ankle chains.
  • There is a shirt from " Jailhouse Rock ."
  • Try orange jailhouse jump suits, with stainless-steel shackles.
  • An inmate allegedly strangled a psychiatrist during a jailhouse evaluation session.
  • Marsh, 28, refused a request for a jailhouse interview.
  • Kopp told The Buffalo News in a jailhouse interview published Wednesday.
  • Zeta-Jones co-stars as her conniving jailhouse rival.
  • Another, the former jailhouse, was determined eligible for listing.
  • Muggs and Glimpy then go to the jailhouse to question Danny.
  • Those comments were said to have been overheard by a jailhouse guard.
  • A young operating room nurse and a retired jailhouse nurse swap sympathies.
  • Scull is using jailhouse informants to testify that Wooten confessed to them.
  • "Jailhouse Rock " met " Thriller ."
  • Some were even locked in a jailhouse built on campus.
  • The surcharge covers extra costs associated with jailhouse phone systems.
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