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jailbird sentence in Hindi

"jailbird" meaning in Hindijailbird in a sentence
  • Runners-up included the Vipers, the Venom and the Jailbirds.
  • Makin'myself a jailbird was just what they wanted ."
  • The best-selling books here these days are all by jailbirds.
  • The Web site is more than a Home Shopping Network for jailbirds.
  • And even by jailbird standards, his hair is filthy.
  • And Connick is luridly enjoyable as the sleazy jailbird.
  • He was also a black radical and a jailbird.
  • The riding took a decidedly insulting form, ranging from monkey to jailbird.
  • That's when the jailbirds chimed in and got Huffman in trouble.
  • Inadvertent laughs : Joe has a gratuitously jailbird brother.
  • A merry expat jailbird yells, " Cheers ! ! !"
  • They called me jailbird . . . waving their middle finger at me.
  • The players : jailbirds from among some 50 nationalities serving time in Thailand.
  • Vidyanath then sends in his jailbirds to kill Kishen.
  • He seeks protection after being beaten up by Milroy, a feared jailbird.
  • The guy in jail is Jake the Jailbird.
  • As jailbirds Katte and Thatha seem to have found their peace but not Tony.
  • This would be surprising news to Dan Rostenkowski, Webster Hubbell and other jailbird Democrats.
  • You don't need your kid to be the first jailbird in the neighborhood.
  • Buys ex-jailbird a sumptuous lunch.
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