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English-Hindi > jakes

jakes meaning in Hindi

jakes sentence in Hindi
• कटहल
1."The Two Jakes "-- so memorable.

2.A comic book written by best-selling author John Jakes.

3.Once Jakes got on a roll, he did not quit.

4.Such discussions tended to slide over the heads of the Jakes.

5.But there was a reason Jakes held his Bible so closely.

6.Yet Jakes has been careful not to be too narrowly defined.

7.Jakes'ability to be real is part of his popularity.

8.Jakes paid $ 75, 000, the city official said.

9.Neither Jakes nor Cannon will disclose the film's budget.

10.Jakes lost power in the anti-Communist revolution of 1989.

a small outbuilding with a bench having holes through which a user can defecate
Synonyms: outhouse, privy, earth-closet,

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