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English-Hindi > jaina

jaina meaning in Hindi

jaina sentence in Hindi
1.This is said to be the essence of the Jaina scripture.

2.Jaina and Zekk work as a team to track down smugglers.

3.The Jaina canonical literature does not mention the cult of Ganesha.

4.Ship then goes into hyperspace while Jaina is saved by Lando.

5.Jaina withdraws, however, due to her own injuries.

6.Jaina slaps him for this and vows to never help him again.

7.He also translated Dvaitin, Virasaiva, and Jaina writings from Sanskrit.

8.The portrait modeling recalls that of certain Jaina ceramic statuettes.

9.According to the Swetambara Jaina work, cradinakara of Vardhamnaskri ( c.

10.Leia, Jaina, and Radd engage Wan and render her unconscious.

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