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English-Hindi > jakob grimm

jakob grimm meaning in Hindi

jakob grimm sentence in Hindi
जैकब ग्रिम
grimm    ग्रिम
1.In 1829 he relocated to Kassel as successor to Jakob Grimm at the Kassel State Library.

2.Pictet, the cousin of the biologist Friedrich Schlegel and Jakob Grimm, to reconstruct the whole world of the proto-Indo-Europeans ."

3.Jakob Grimm and Rudolf von Raumer created controversy in the 19th century, as they proposed opposing criteria for which spelling should be based.

4.While the Germanists ( Karl Friedrich Eichhorn, Jakob Grimm, Georg Beseler, Otto von Gierke ) saw medieval German Law as the expression of the German " Volksgeist ".

5.Grimm's father was Wilhelm Grimm ( 1786-1859 ), and his uncle Jakob Grimm ( 1785-1863 ), the philologist compilers of indigenous folk tales ( " Brothers Grimm " ).

6.He played Jakob Grimm in the MGM-Cinerama spectacular " The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm " and Ludwig van Beethoven in the Walt Disney film " The Magnificent Rebel ".

7.His earliest work was a biography of the philologist Jakob Grimm ( 1865, 2nd ed . 1885 ); the next, in conjunction with his former teacher M�llenhoff, published " Denkm�ler deutscher Poesie und Prose aus dem 8 . bis 12.

8.Inspired by Jakob Grimm's " Deutsche Mythologie ", he first devoted himself to German stories and legends, and published " M�rkische Sagen und M�rchen " ( 1842 ), " Norddeutsche Sagen, M�rchen und Gebr�uche " ( 1848 ), and " Sagen, Gebr�uche und M�rchen aus Westfalen " ( 1859 ).

9.In addition, he indicates that " in Old English poetry, geofon is a word for ocean which has been seen since Jakob Grimm ( 1968, 198 ) as related to the name Gefion of the Danish Earth Goddess . . . power to divide land and sea is shown by representations of Gefion in Norse literature ."

10.Diez, the principal founder of Romance-language philology, impressed by the comparative methods of Jakob Grimm in " Deutsche Grammatik ", which came out in 1819 and was the first to use such methods in philology, decided to apply them to the Romance languages and discovered Raynouard's work, " Grammaire compar�e des langues de l'Europe latine dans leurs rapports avec la langue des troubadours ", published in 1821.

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