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English-Hindi > jalopy

jalopy meaning in Hindi

noun plural: jalopies   
jalopy sentence in Hindi
1.The rest of the Americans are in charcoal-burning jalopies.

2.Like others with jalopies to unload, she found several benefits.

3.The boys have gone from jalopies to convertibles to jet travel.

4.Ray Sherman has gone from a jalopy to a sports car.

5.But 1997 changed Mir's image to a space jalopy.

6.When interest in midget racing started waning, jalopies became popular.

7.He enjoys strawberry jalopy he named " Queen ".

8.That old jalopy of a car was breaking down all the time,

9.Every Saturday we'd pile into jalopies and head for First Street

10.Chip's friend Speed, for instance, drove a jalopy.

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a car that is old and unreliable; "the fenders had fallen off that old bus"
Synonyms: bus, heap,

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