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English-Hindi > jalousie

jalousie meaning in Hindi

jalousie sentence in Hindi
1.In more recent decades inexpensive jalousie windows also became commonly used.

2.Q . My three aluminum storm doors have jalousie windows.

3.Jalousie Hilton Resort and Spa at St . Lucia from $ 225;

4.A jalousie door is a door with a jalousie window.

5.A jalousie door is a door with a jalousie window.

6.A common upgrade was to have the porch enclosed with jalousie windows.

7.Jalousie and casement windows are more difficult to secure.

8.Next came jalousie, a word with French roots that means blinds or shutters.

9._Lubricating jalousie windows so they will close tightly ( comes with illustration ).

10.Each arch-window houses folding jalousie shutters.

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a shutter made of angled slats

a window with glass louvers
Synonyms: louvered window,

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