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English-Hindi > jammy

jammy meaning in Hindi

jammy sentence in Hindi
1.Gobs of jammy fruit with layers of focused and tasty apple.

2.What we get are approachable textures and rich, jammy flavors.

3.It then shows Lee producing a dub while Prince Jammy mixes.

4.Prince Jammy also made contributions to this album but goes uncredited.

5.Powerful aromas of jam and oak with lovely jammy fruit and spice.

6.The fruit sparkles with jammy flavors, figs and spice.

7.Jammy blackberry nose; toasted oak, firm tannins; long finish.

8.Continue to cook until the mixture is jammy in texture.

9.Mullally has guest-starred seven times as Ron and Jammy ".

10.The album also won a Jammy for best live album.

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