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English-Hindi > jampacked

jampacked meaning in Hindi

jampacked sentence in Hindi
1.Her jampacked one-bedroom apartment is also filled with memories.

2.In other jampacked classes, teachers politely asked a visitor not to enter.

3.In his first year, his stats were jampacked.

4.And the summer is jampacked with family films.

5.This month's reunion has a schedule as jampacked as a family reunion.

6."It's always jampacked, " said manager Mike Barbour.

7.Jet lag, language barriers, homesickness and jampacked scheduling all took their toll.

8.Thoughtfully reflecting on Britney's short but jampacked career isn't necessary.

9.It was a family jampacked with creativity.

10.Pass the jampacked evasions and refried platitudes.

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