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English-Hindi > joss stick

joss stick meaning in Hindi

joss stick sentence in Hindi
अगरू बत्ती
stick    लाठी खोंचा लकड़ी
1.No driver passed them without cutting his engine to light joss sticks.

2.Sacrifices to the aobaoes are made offering slaughtered animals, joss sticks, and libations.

3.They would bring joss sticks, incense paper and food offerings to the ancestors.

4.Then, they packed these flowers with the joss sticks and candles.

5.Be forewarned : The joss sticks often are as instructive as a fortune cookie.

6.Each joss stick should only be used to pay respect for only one entity.

7.Joss sticks, candles and flowers for use in prayers were given free toall devotees.

8.Vendors on the pier did a brisk business selling joss sticks and incense paper.

9.The medium offers sacred gifts in return, often in the form of joss sticks.

10.Much of the sandalwood is exported, and used in the manufacture of joss sticks.

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a slender stick of incense burned before a joss by the Chinese

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