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English-Hindi > joss-stick

joss-stick meaning in Hindi

joss-stick sentence in Hindi
1.I blare the one mouthful , �� , is really again the joss - stick again frailty

2.Devotees may bring simple offerings of flowers , candles and joss - sticks to lay at the feet of their teacher

3.Write , my bubble tea has been already seen bottom , throat inside , leave dry acrid remaining joss - stick

4.Make into the bean curd with the high - quality soybean , after ferment , the bean curd becomes to smell smelly , eating the joss - stick

5.Three leaf s joss - sticks are in the light of " beg actually , trustworthiness , share " in order to conduct standard , look for actively in the world

6.Make great effort continuously , pursue outstanding , kill ? requite people , requite concern and support three leafs the people of different walks of life of joss - stick

7.You can regard as the stroll to the mountain climbing , the along the road appreciates some kind of joss - stick flower weed , if smell a partridge voice , then can make the sound of sounds of nature

8.Seek a cooperation a colleague . face future , three leaf the joss - stick will exceed a tidy step , continuing to go forward , common establish a top - grade business enterprise , top - grade management team hard

9.This article adopts the creative science formulation , containing the ? plant essence , radiant and extremely keen the joss - stick is repeatedly , ? ? giving you living space of the fragrant and green environmental protection

10.The jizong is the valuable wild edible germ which is the special product of yunnan , the flavor is fresh , sweet , delicate , joss - stick , it can match in excellence with chicken mutually , can still keep the stomach , refreshing

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