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English-Hindi > jostle

jostle meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: jostled   verb past participle: jostled   verb present participle: jostling   
jostle sentence in Hindi
1.Masons , carpenters and labourers jostle with worshippers round the year .
मंदिर प्रांगण में भक्तों के साथ राजमिस्तरी , बढेई और मजदूर हमेशा नजर आते हैं .

2.Cropped tops , hipster , and bootleg pants , capris and palazzos -LRB- at times slit to great heights -RRB- jostled on the trend charts for attention .
कटे हे टॉप , हिपस्टर , बूटलेग पैंट , कैप्रिस और पलज्जो ( कुछ तो खतरनाक ऊंचाइयों तक कटे हे ) ध्यान खींचने की होड़े में लगे रहे .

the act of jostling (forcing your way by pushing)
Synonyms: jostling,

come into rough contact with while moving; "The passengers jostled each other in the overcrowded train"
Synonyms: shove,

make one''s way by jostling, pushing, or shoving; "We had to jostle our way to the front of the platform"

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