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journal bearing sentence in Hindi

"journal bearing" meaning in Hindi  
  • Although all versions of the RB26DETT N1 engine use Journal Bearing T25 Turbochargers.
  • Without adequate lubrication, journal bearings would fail due to the excessive heat caused by friction.
  • MORGOIL Bearings are totally enclosed, precision journal bearings that operate on a hydrodynamically generated film of oil.
  • De Laval's turbine used mechanically lubricated journal bearings which weren't insulated from the inside of the turbine.
  • The disadvantage of this design is its lower load carrying capacity, as compared to typical journal bearings.
  • "A hot journal bearing, " he announced authoritatively, " smells completely different than a hot motor bearing ."
  • Journal bearings are lubricated with fluid.
  • These were called " journal bearings " and relied on the lubricant to form a " fluid bearing ".
  • This helps attenuate resonances at the gyroscopic frequencies of journal bearings ( sometimes called conical or rocking modes ).
  • As an auxiliary function, the jacking gear also helps to maintain a protective oil membrane at all shaft journal bearings.
  • The graphs of friction force reported by Stribeck stem from a carefully conducted, wide-ranging series of experiments on journal bearings.
  • Again, the bearings are classified mainly into three types : Open bearing bits, Sealed Bearing Bits and Journal Bearing bits.
  • One disadvantage specific to fluid-lubricated, hydrodynamic journal bearings in high-speed machinery is " oil whirl "  a self-excited vibration of the journal.
  • Journal bearings on the crankshaft and connecting rods and the pistons sliding in their cylinders operate in the dynamic viscosity of the lubricating fluid.
  • Researchers at the University of Akron used CFD-ACE + to simulation flow patterns and pressure profiles inside a rectangular pocket of a hydrostatic journal bearing.
  • Besides minor cosmetic updates and ECU fine tunings, changes were made in the R34 generation to ball bearing T28 turbochargers as opposed to journal bearing turbos.
  • Instead, Thurston's data did not indicate such a pronounced minimum of friction for a liquid lubricated journal bearing as was demonstrated by the graphs of Martens and Stribeck.
  • The cones rotate on roller or journal bearings that are usually sealed from the hostile down-hole drilling fluid environment by different arrangements of o-ring or metal face seals.
  • As a result, hydrodynamic bearings may be aided by secondary bearings that support the shaft during start and stop periods, protecting the fine tolerance machined surfaces of the journal bearing.
  • In 1930, she founded " Indiens Venner " ( India's Friends ) together with a journal bearing the same name, reflecting branches of Friends of India organizations around the world.
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