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journaled sentence in Hindi

"journaled" meaning in Hindi  
  • All modification operations to on-disk structures are transactional and journaled.
  • For sure, it would miss the benefits of a journaled file system.
  • The casing was partitioned, and through this opening the barrel shaft was journaled.
  • CNN was also journaled by someone else-- author name clearly says so.
  • Some care should be taken with this facility as not all tables should be journaled.
  • The Bleibergs began to travel widely, and Gertrude journaled and sketched during the trips.
  • ;Writeback ( highest risk ) : Only metadata is journaled; file contents are not.
  • All activity in all of these areas is journaled ( written to the audit trail ).
  • :: I suspect Windows will be unable to read something formatted as'Mac OS Extended ( Journaled ) '.
  • During the trial, Poston presented the courtroom with hundreds of notes and scraps of paper that Virginia journaled on about their reclusive life together.
  • To prevent this, a journaled file system allocates a special area the journal in which it records the changes it will make ahead of time.
  • Alternate filesystems from third-party manufacturers include journaling filesystem which performs journaled activities during system inactivities, and has been chosen by MorphOS as its standard filesystem.
  • In May, 2001, a second journaled file system, " Enhanced Journaled File System ( JFS2 ) ", was made available for AIX 5L.
  • In May, 2001, a second journaled file system, " Enhanced Journaled File System ( JFS2 ) ", was made available for AIX 5L.
  • It journaled in swinging boxes so that the wheel can be pressed against or separated from the iron, aluminum-faced driving disk, which is motor driven.
  • "' ReiserFS "'is a general-purpose, journaled computer file system formerly designed and implemented by a team at Namesys led by Hans Reiser.
  • GFS2 also relaxes the restrictions on when a file may have its journaled attribute changed to any time that the file is not open ( also the same as ext3 ).
  • Reasons for discrepancies include stock losses and gains yet to be " journaled " and the control account measures the differences and provides financial visibility and control of the value of those.
  • "' Next3 "'is a journaled file system for Linux based on ext3 which adds snapshots support, yet retains compatibility to the ext3 on-disk format.
  • Dodgson journaled about dreams he had of Evelyn, which author Kym Brindle dissects in her book " Epistolary Encounters in Neo-Victorian Fiction : Diaries and Letters ".
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