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kale sentence in Hindi

"kale" meaning in Hindi
  • Sow cabbage, kale and broccoli seeds for a fall crop.
  • Sheriff's vice investigators busted Kale " Kelly"
  • 12 ounces assorted greens, like kale, collard, Swiss chard
  • Spinach, kale and other leafy green vegetables are good sources.
  • Add kale, turnips, turnip greens, carrots and potatoes.
  • Richard Kales wonders if there is such thing as a GeorgeWBushrithm.
  • Nearby, Shanti Nagel knelt down to eyeball her organic kale.
  • 3 stalks kale, washed, rib removed, leaves sliced thinly
  • Add the zucchini, carrots, kale, cabbage and beans.
  • Muirhead said, preparing to chop kale, cabbage and zucchini.
  • Add the kale and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes.
  • Add the kale, callaloo, peppers, thyme and stock.
  • Larger, spicier leaves add bite to sauteed chard and kale.
  • Gen . Kale Kaihura, the Ugandan commander in the region.
  • It wasn't immediately clear what punishment Kale would face.
  • Gurtu joined this group along with Karsh Kale and Talvin Singh.
  • In a 100 gram serving, raw kale provides 49 calories.
  • Yeni-Kale also served as a residence of the pasha.
  • Dark greens such as kale are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Kilmaurs was famous for its kale which was an important foodstuff.
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