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kanat sentence in Hindi

"kanat" meaning in Hindikanat in a sentence
  • Kanat Berentayev, a government economist, said in an interview.
  • Kanat Ibragimov, who killed the sheep, defended his actions.
  • Ambassador Kanat B . Sudabayev said.
  • Kanat Serdarov gave Kyrgyzstan the lead in the 77th minute, connecting on a long-range shot.
  • Kanat Seitenov, 15, was sentenced to 11 1 / 2 years, said police spokeswoman Nina Tsys.
  • He made his professional debut in the Soviet Second League B in 1990 for FC Ak-kanat Uzurganach.
  • Lightweight Jong-Sub Baik began South Korean charge, beating Kazakhstan's Ozak Bayeb Kanat 13-7.
  • In the fall of 1991, President Mikhail S . Gorbachev appointed Kanat Saudabayev as the Soviet Ambassador to Turkey.
  • Within weeks Kanat Saudabayev was on his way to Turkey again, but as the first Ambassador ever from an independent Kazakhstan.
  • Meanwhile, HMS " Condor " was ordered into close engagements with the forts at Maza El Kanat and Fort Marabout.
  • Kanat is protected by Ricardo Abascal from the attack of Akohr, an experimental organization intending to eradicate incarnates once and for all.
  • At the same time, there also exists Kanat, a mysterious incarnate who has the ability to turn people he heal into incarnates.
  • There was high unemployment in the past but now we feel the economy is advancing, " said Kanat Esenbayev, 39, a plumber.
  • Kanat Shagirov won the cars category with his Toyota Hilux Overdrive, while P�l Anders Ullev�lseter and Anton Shibalov dominated completely motorcycles and truck categories.
  • Kanat Tusupbekov, a journalist at the Irbis television station in the northern city of Pavlodar, was beaten Friday at the city police headquarters, Irbis editor in chief Askar Shomshekov said.
  • Its population was 2, 541 in 2009 . It is named after Baytik Kanat uulu ( Baytik Baatyr ), one of the leaders of the Solto tribe who fought the Kokand Khanate.
  • The 3, 083-kilometer ( 1, 930-mile ) railway project was announced by Kanat Zhangaskin, vice president of the Kazakhstan National Railway Co ., Xinhua News Agency reported from Hong Kong.
  • The nation's ambassador to the United States, Kanat B . Saudabayev, on Thursday began a two-day visit of Kansas to get a firsthand view of agriculture and see what might be available for his country.
  • Lawyer Kanat Sakhariyanov said the Khabar media group on Wednesday filed a slander lawsuit against Altynbek Sarsenbayev, co-chairman of the Ak Zhol party, after he accused the group of monopolizing the media market and breaking financial regulations.
  • His compatriot, Abutalipov Kanat, lost 9-28 on points to Thailand's Suban Pannon, a member of the 2000 Sydney Olympics boxing squad in the 48-kilogram ( 105-6 pound ) light flyweight category.
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