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English-Hindi > kanat

kanat meaning in Hindi

kanat sentence in Hindi
1.Kanat Berentayev, a government economist, said in an interview.

2.Kanat Ibragimov, who killed the sheep, defended his actions.

3.Ambassador Kanat B . Sudabayev said.

4.Kanat Serdarov gave Kyrgyzstan the lead in the 77th minute, connecting on a long-range shot.

5.Kanat Seitenov, 15, was sentenced to 11 1 / 2 years, said police spokeswoman Nina Tsys.

6.He made his professional debut in the Soviet Second League B in 1990 for FC Ak-kanat Uzurganach.

7.Lightweight Jong-Sub Baik began South Korean charge, beating Kazakhstan's Ozak Bayeb Kanat 13-7.

8.In the fall of 1991, President Mikhail S . Gorbachev appointed Kanat Saudabayev as the Soviet Ambassador to Turkey.

9.Within weeks Kanat Saudabayev was on his way to Turkey again, but as the first Ambassador ever from an independent Kazakhstan.

10.Meanwhile, HMS " Condor " was ordered into close engagements with the forts at Maza El Kanat and Fort Marabout.

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