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English-Hindi > kaoliang

kaoliang meaning in Hindi

kaoliang sentence in Hindi
1.Yusan Kaoliang Chiew ( ) is produced by the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation.

2.All of the distillery's aged kaoliangs are stored in the tunnel for at least five years.

3.Unlike previous engagements, the fields of tall kaoliang grains had been harvested, denying the Japanese concealment.

4.From kaoliang and corn liquors were made, including vodka, sake, beer, soy juices and vinegar.

5.On October 24, 2013, Barone signed with Kingman Kaoliang Liquor in Taiwan's Super Basketball League.

6.Nighttime is the best time to sample Kinmen's most famous product _ fiery Kaoliang wine made of sorghum.

7.Tunnel 88 Kaoliang Liquor ( ) is produced by the Matsu Distillery on the island of Nankan, part of the Matsu archipelago.

8.One of the most notable products in the range is an " X . O . " kaoliang aged for five years in tanks before bottling.

9.The name is derived from the name of an abandoned military tunnel which the distillery took over as storage space for their kaoliang and aged rice wine.

10.As a crane swung a rope sling piled with crates of brain-numbing kaoliang alcohol onto a truck at dockside here, he broke into a laugh.

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sorghums of China and Manchuria having small white or brown grains (used for food) and dry pithy stalks (used for fodder, fuel and thatching)

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