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English-Hindi > kaolines

kaolines meaning in Hindi

kaolines sentence in Hindi
1.The processed kaoline is sold to porcelain factories in Durban.

2.The LGA is endowed with mineral deposits such as barites, kaoline and iron ores.

3.Ntshanyase said as she tossed the kaoline _ a claylike substance used to make porcelain _ into a canvas bag.

4.They say the women there will be trained to make pottery from a more sophisticated kaoline mine due to be opened soon nearby.

5.Low-grade kaoline clays can be used for the production of LC3 and are abundantly available in many parts of the world.

6.Ntshanyase is one of more than 100 women who informally mine kaoline at Ndwedwe, which lies in rolling green hills about 50 kilometers ( 30 miles ) north of the eastern port of Durban.

7.At the bottom of a steep pit carved into a hillside, 60-year-old Gezephi Ntshanyase kneels in the dirt as she hacks off lumps of kaoline with a primitive hoe, all the while keeping a watchful eye on the crumbling rock face above.

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