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English-Hindi > karabagh

karabagh meaning in Hindi

karabagh sentence in Hindi
1.Prefers peace talks for the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict.

2.The program is geared towards elementary schools throughout Karabagh.

3.That same day, Kanayan along with his units was forced to leave Karabagh.

4.Her family comes from the city of Shusha in the Karabagh region of Azerbaijan.

5.People from Kapan, Goris and Nagorno Karabagh come to Kajaran in search of employment.

6.In the 1990s, he taught at the University of Stepanakert during the war of Karabagh.

7.The government of Karabagh is enthusiastic and is working with OLPC to bring the program to fruition.

8.What does that have to do with not writing about the ARF's involvment in Karabagh?

9.The following day 1, 000 Armenians participated in another demonstration calling for Armenian national rights in Karabagh.

10.In April 1920, the Bolshevik leadership of the Red Army informed from the Drastamat Kanayan to leave Karabagh.

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