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English-Hindi > karake

karake meaning in Hindi

karake sentence in Hindi
1.Gen . Karenzi Karake, Rwanda's chief of military operations.

2.Gen . Karenzi Karake told The Associated Press.

3.Karake said he believes the Congolese government can do that and effectively end the war.

4.Karake said, brushing off the many banners and enormous picture of Yasser Arafat overlooking the square.

5.Karake said Rwanda has already given its information on the militia to the U . N . observers.

6.The suspects were identified as Leonidas Bimenyiamana, 34; Francois Karake, 38; and Gregoire Nyaminami, 32.

7.Issa Karake of the Palestinian Prisoners Association said he had hoped those with life terms would be among those freed.

8."We are firing in self-defense, " said Col . Karenzi Karake, a Rwandan commander.

9.Rwandan commander Col . Karenzi Karake said . " We are now leaving Kisangani regardless of Ugandan intentions ."

10.James Kazini called Karake on a satellite telephone and requested a cease-fire in order to withdraw, Karake said.

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