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English-Hindi > karez

karez meaning in Hindi

karez sentence in Hindi
1.The karez vertical shafts are used by farmers and neighbourhood settlements.

2.The historical record of the karez extends back to the Han Dynasty.

3.Ancient Karez System in the city have been recently discovered.

4.And the most dangerous people in luni is from karez.

5.In Tejaban agricultural water is accomplished through the Karez System.

6.The Karez System is built along a geological fracture.

7.Water for agriculture is allocated through the Karez System.

8.The Karez ( Qanat ) is an underground network of aqueducts for water supply.

9.It's here that the third surang bhawi system or karez system of Bidar is located.

10.The Bidar Karez, built in the 15th century, is more than long with 21 air vents.

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