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karez sentence in Hindi

"karez" meaning in Hindikarez in a sentence
  • The karez vertical shafts are used by farmers and neighbourhood settlements.
  • The historical record of the karez extends back to the Han Dynasty.
  • Ancient Karez System in the city have been recently discovered.
  • And the most dangerous people in luni is from karez.
  • In Tejaban agricultural water is accomplished through the Karez System.
  • The Karez System is built along a geological fracture.
  • Water for agriculture is allocated through the Karez System.
  • The Karez ( Qanat ) is an underground network of aqueducts for water supply.
  • It's here that the third surang bhawi system or karez system of Bidar is located.
  • The Bidar Karez, built in the 15th century, is more than long with 21 air vents.
  • The karez there, called Miyim Haji's Karez ( ) was built about 800 years ago.
  • The karez there, called Miyim Haji's Karez ( ) was built about 800 years ago.
  • Kariz Dashak should be at Karez-e Dashak and is not in Farah province but in Herat province.
  • Karez is a local system in which a large number of wells are interconnected to collect and share water.
  • Turpan has a historically long tradition of growing grape and other fruits, using the karez underground irrigation system.
  • Local knowledge claims the presence of a terra cotta pipe from the karez mouth to Bagh-e-Hammam.
  • In addition, a small part of the city is connected to a distribution system served by the Qargha Karez.
  • They live in the Kundur and Karez-i-Mulla villages of Herat province and speak the Mogholi language.
  • The first attack occurred late Thursday in the district of Mama Karez, as the soldiers patrolled in a pickup truck.
  • There are karez ( qanat ) systems in Gulburga, Bidar and Burhanpur " ( Kundi Bhandara ) " as well.
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