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karnak sentence in Hindi

"karnak" meaning in Hindikarnak in a sentence
  • Hugo Hori, Karnak's saxophonist, sat tipsily nearby.
  • Karnak later battled the Avengers while under Maximus'mind control.
  • Karnak engages it and learns that it can copy his powers.
  • This scene features background footage from Karnak spliced with new footage.
  • I lost many things in the eight years of Karnak,
  • Later, the officials said Moussa was at a house near Karnak.
  • Champollion also carved his name into a pillar at Karnak.
  • Almost all of the New Kingdom rulers built at Karnak.
  • There are attestations for building works at Abydos and Karnak.
  • Inscriptions at Karnak and elsewhere show Nefertari was his mother.
  • He spent many years with his research in the Temple of Karnak.
  • She is depicted on the facade of the Khonsu temple in Karnak.
  • Nearby are the Egyptian temple complexes at Luxor and Karnak.
  • Dante trains as a soldier under the guise of Karnak.
  • So in Karnak, we aren't mixing.
  • The relief taken out of the Karnak Temple must have a religious significance.
  • At Karnak, there even was an attempt to wall up her obelisks.
  • He also studied the temple of Amun at Karnak.
  • The temples of Karnak, Luxor, Philae and Edfu are good examples.
  • He is depicted behind his father in Seti's small Karnak temple.
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