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English-Hindi > kaumudi

kaumudi meaning in Hindi

kaumudi sentence in Hindi
1.Subsequently, Kerala Kaumudi apologized, which the High Court accepted.

2.Kaumudi Teacher died on 4 August 2009 at Kadachira in Kannur.

3.It was under his stewardship that Kerala Kaumudi attained to the present stature.

4.Kerala Varma used to write poetic editorials in " Kavana Kaumudi ".

5.It is also called Kaumudi Deepam or Dipalika.

6.Later he worked with the Kaumudi Daily of K . Balakrishnan and the Pothujanam Eve Daily.

7.Kaumudi and Chhanchhan feel the family is drifting apart because of the competition among its members.

8.Later he joined " Kerala Kaumudi " and worked as its Kozhikode unit chief.

9.He served as the chief editor of " Kavana kaumudi ", the first Malayalam periodical.

10.Due to lack of sufficient patronage " Kaumudi " had to stop publication in October 1822.

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