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keeled sentence in Hindi

"keeled" meaning in Hindikeeled in a sentence
  • My father is centered, even-keeled, dependably regular.
  • And a sturdy, even-keeled ship it has been.
  • He plays like I used to play, very even keeled.
  • Rarely has the even-keeled Fulmer sounded so wound up.
  • Everyone on this team is so responsible and even-keeled.
  • It's keeled over and separated entirely from the rest.
  • It is also said that he keeled over while shoveling snow.
  • In females dorsal scales of the tail smooth or faintly keeled.
  • The dorsal scales are smooth or weakly keeled with apical pits.
  • Dorsally, it is covered with small, irregular keeled scales.
  • The body is covered with weakly to strongly keeled dorsal scales.
  • The rim ( venter ) is keeled and free of grooves.
  • They are strongly keeled, except for the first two rows.
  • Some of the distal dorsal scales of the tail weakly keeled.
  • Serrano's tone is even-keeled and detached.
  • "He's always real even-keeled,"
  • Then the black guy just went back and keeled over.
  • Within the last month someone just keeled over and died,
  • Eager for an even-keeled affect amid the roiling partisan seas?
  • He's extremely even-keeled on the mound ."
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