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laboured sentence in Hindi

"laboured" meaning in Hindilaboured in a sentence
  • Night and day he laboured to levy armies and equip fleets.
  • She laboured many years in the cause of mercy to animals.
  • Suitbert laboured chiefly in North Brabant, Gelderland, and Cleves.
  • Throughout the third day, the column laboured through the pass.
  • Any physical defects the body may have laboured under are erased.
  • At this he laboured in vacation time for at least ten years.
  • Regis laboured diligently on behalf of both priests and laymen.
  • A perfectionist to the core, he laboured hard over his poetry.
  • An obstruction in the upper airways causes the dog to have laboured breathing.
  • Catterall laboured for five hours to save Ismail, but to no avail.
  • I find this a bit laboured; can it be expressed more simply?
  • He laboured there with great zeal and success for forty-two years.
  • The laboured conversations between the two men summarise the plot at regular intervals.
  • His productions are not spontaneous but rather rely on long, laboured thought.
  • The bronchioles ( small airways ) fill up with mucus leading to laboured breathing.
  • Although capable of painting quickly, he often laboured for years over a painting.
  • Pressens?laboured for the revival of biblical studies.
  • Alongside French-Canadians, thousands of Irish laboured in difficult conditions and terrain.
  • During World War I conscientious objectors laboured at Dyce Work Camp at Dyce Quarries.
  • He laboured with zeal, but not without many conflicts, until his death.
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