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labouring sentence in Hindi

"labouring" meaning in Hindilabouring in a sentence
  • His work therefore consisted of labouring and as a delivery boy.
  • Under the emigration scheme, labouring classes received a free passage.
  • The labouring class by contrast wore a simple front-lacing cotte.
  • After labouring for some time in Scotland, he was appointed provincial.
  • Edward Fox recalled him labouring for hours on his one long speech.
  • Challinor was ten when he started labouring in a brickworks.
  • Agricultural labouring was popular work in the 19th century.
  • She moved back to Aberdeen to fillet fish and take seasonal agricultural labouring.
  • It just comes across as somewhat labouring the point:
  • You appear to be labouring under some basic misunderstandings over how Wikipedia works.
  • Miles would return to labouring work on the railways within a few months.
  • Anything that contributes to such an impression inflicts an injury upon the labouring population.
  • He then left and worked in labouring jobs.
  • The first use of continuous caudal anaesthesia in a labouring woman was in 1942.
  • Of labouring class origin, he had educated himself to become a Sheffield surgeon.
  • A few months of labouring and thinking followed.
  • In 1775 Edmund Rack, a draper and the son of a labouring Bath.
  • You appear to be labouring under the illusion that everyone should share your opinion.
  • It is probably labouring under several categories before eventually becoming part of Category Fiction.
  • You seem to be labouring under some misconceptions.
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