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English-Hindi > labourious

labourious meaning in Hindi

labourious sentence in Hindi
1.It is salvageable, if labourious to undertake.

2.:Removing it would be labourious.

3.NZ, Canada and Japan ), but it seems a labourious task to get some meaningful stats out of that.

4.Bucollic, galant, labourious, agricultural, metallurgic scenes; all of them take us to lost tabernacles where the history of the Argentine colonization lays today.

5.It's not difficult, just labourious and, except for demonstration purposes, completely pointless . talk ) 07 : 57, 18 October 2011 ( UTC)

6.This whole process is rather an unpleasant and labourious task ( which explains why so many games have large sections of very uninspiring architecture-the designer ran out of patience or time at that point ).

7.Registering isn't a labourious task but it is enough of a task to weed out those who vandalise on a whim . . . Those who are more hard-core can easily be blocked and investigated for sock puppetry.

8.We have a crisis brewing . . . the bot that closes old reviews ( ) has stopped working, last edit June 19 . This is a very time-consuming and labourious task to be done manually that was previously easily automated.

9.He has been editing for almost three years, with over 20, 000 edits ( 13, 000 in the main namespace ), and-- more importantly-- helped promote GAs, write DYKs, and create, after several labourious iterations, the current optimized Beer category system.

10.For those with editcountitis, he has around 4500 edits, well spread across namespaces He is a very active member of Wikipedia : WikiProject Computer and video games, always participating in the longer, more labourious tasks such as correcting small factual errors and finding suitable external links to make articles that little bit better.

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