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English-Hindi > labrum

labrum meaning in Hindi

noun plural: labra   
labrum sentence in Hindi
1.Rushing that can damage the labrum or result in further damage.

2.It was arthroscopic surgery to repair the rotator cuff and labrum.

3.Karros said Sunday he played the season with a torn labrum.

4.He tore the labrum in his right shoulder and had surgery.

5.He had an inflamed bursa removed and a frayed labrum trimmed.

6.Tearing the labrum will result in the weakness of the arm.

7.On June 20, 2008 Schilling stated on labrum was repaired.

8.Shoulder surgery followed in September to repair a torn glenoid labrum.

9.They have unique elongated processes at theanterior margin of the labrum.

10.He reaggravated a strained labrum at San Francisco and will not play.

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