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laced sentence in Hindi

"laced" meaning in Hindi
  • And what's this business about jeans trimmed in lace?
  • And there were featherweight dresses that combined chiffon and fine lace.
  • Bawling when her skate lace broke during her Winter Olympics performance.
  • He was unable to tie the laces on his right shoe.
  • She tatted lace, knitted winter scarves, collected pig figurines.
  • Black sheaths, black tuxedos, black sequins and black lace.
  • Computer habits of a lesser extreme are laced with similar symptoms.
  • -- Decorative trims ( daisies, lace, bows ).
  • Tiny buttons decorate dresses along with bits of lace and belts.
  • This year Bradley Bayou used plastic sheeting for a lace shawl.
  • 1 stretch-lace top or silk shell ( for evening)
  • (The order is ) laced with hypocrisy and political opportunism.
  • While opportunity is laced with danger, we have no courage.
  • This city is laced with a subtle, sneaky, racism.
  • Finish your photo ornaments with a bit of ribbon or lace.
  • Festive means lace, sequins, velvet, but in season.
  • Paper lace or designs made with pinholes were also popular decorations.
  • Trees were darkly skeletal; panes were trimmed with white lace.
  • The lace is right around that tendon, which was aggravated.
  • United States Figure Skating Association executive director Jerry Lace has said.
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