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English-Hindi > laches

laches meaning in Hindi

laches sentence in Hindi
1.He can make it immune from review if he says, laches.

2.It has been noted that laches is a  somewhat uncertain doctrine.

3.The Court then considered the applicability of laches to the case at hand.

4.Ideas of courage being perseverance also are seen in " Laches ".

5.Because a constructive trust is an laches, detrimental reliance, and undue hardship.

6.Some may also be subject to the doctrine of " laches ".

7.Nor would Hall have applied " laches " to the federal government.

8.Colorado argues that the equitable doctrine of laches should bar Kansas'claim for relief.

9.It also substantially overlaps with, but is distinct from, the equitable doctrine of laches.

10.In addition, even where a limitation period has not yet run, laches may still occur.

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