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laches sentence in Hindi

"laches" meaning in Hindilaches in a sentence
  • He can make it immune from review if he says, laches.
  • It has been noted that laches is a  somewhat uncertain doctrine.
  • The Court then considered the applicability of laches to the case at hand.
  • Ideas of courage being perseverance also are seen in " Laches ".
  • Because a constructive trust is an laches, detrimental reliance, and undue hardship.
  • Some may also be subject to the doctrine of " laches ".
  • Nor would Hall have applied " laches " to the federal government.
  • Colorado argues that the equitable doctrine of laches should bar Kansas'claim for relief.
  • It also substantially overlaps with, but is distinct from, the equitable doctrine of laches.
  • In addition, even where a limitation period has not yet run, laches may still occur.
  • In 423 BCE, Laches successfully moved for an armistice with Sparta in the Battle of Mantinea.
  • Laches then states that Pamphilus is still enamored with Bacchis, but this supposition is proven untrue.
  • It ruled in favor of the defendants, based on the doctrine of " laches ".
  • "Laches " is a Latin word meaning " use it or lose it ."
  • Otherwise, they are guilty of laches, an untoward delay in litigation with the presumed intent of denying claims.
  • They include payment of the claims, waiver, laches, foreclosure, and sale or destruction of the res.
  • The Second Circuit has also applied " laches " to non-possessory contract claims for unconscionable consideration.
  • This Court has yet to decide whether the doctrine of laches applies in a case involving the enforcement of an interstate compact.
  • The equitable rule of laches and acquiescence was first introduced in " Chief Young Dede v . African Association Ltd"
  • But, Pro Football appealed to the United States District Court, which ruled against the plaintiffs on the question of laches.
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