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English-Hindi > lachrymator

lachrymator meaning in Hindi

lachrymator sentence in Hindi
1.It is a lachrymator and has a fruity, pungent odor.

2.It is a distillable, colorless liquid which is hygroscopic and a powerful lachrymator.

3."' Methyl isothiocyanate "'is the organosulfur compound with the lachrymator.

4.Benzyl bromide is a strong lachrymator and is also intensely irritating to skin and mucous membranes.

5.Dixon studied the chemistry of lachrymators and mustard gas and proposed a phosphokinase theory to explain their mode of action.

6."' Phenacyl bromide "'is the organic compound with the lachrymator as well as a useful precursor to other organic compounds.

7.Lachrymators are thought to act by attacking TRPA1 ion channel that is expressed in sensory nerves ( trigeminal nerve ) of the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs.

8.A separate enzyme, the lachrymatory factor synthase or LFS, then converts this chemical to " syn "-propanethial-" S "-oxide, a potent lachrymator.

a gas that makes the eyes fill with tears but does not damage them; used in dispersing crowds
Synonyms: tear gas, teargas, lacrimator,

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