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lackluster sentence in Hindi

"lackluster" meaning in Hindi
  • My death, while sad, will also be quite lackluster.
  • It seemed like such a fitting ending to a lackluster performance.
  • This suggested lackluster consumer spending as the holiday shopping season approaches.
  • The jazzy names just didn't fit the lackluster products.
  • By contrast, his achievements as prime minister have been lackluster,
  • His lackluster personal style has undermined the authority of his government.
  • The changes come after lackluster performance in the past six months.
  • MetroStars coach Carlos Queiros blamed the heat for a lackluster effort.
  • He ran a lackluster campaign for president in the 1992 primaries.
  • Dreamworks'first major record, has had a lackluster reception.
  • The market was less generous with companies that reported lackluster earnings.
  • Is he worried that a lackluster performance would tarnish his legacy?
  • The lackluster unit growth the last few quarters has been concerning.
  • Monday, however, the market put in a lackluster performance.
  • Hilton's first offer met with lackluster response from shareholders.
  • Both were lackluster students until they found philosophy and earned doctorates.
  • The Police Department's performance at solving murders is lackluster.
  • Secretariat finished a lackluster third behind stablemate Angle Light and Sham.
  • His lackluster spring was followed by a blase, inconsistent summer.
  • What if that's a lackluster 7-6 game?
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