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English-Hindi > lackluster

lackluster meaning in Hindi

lackluster sentence in Hindi
1.My death, while sad, will also be quite lackluster.

2.It seemed like such a fitting ending to a lackluster performance.

3.This suggested lackluster consumer spending as the holiday shopping season approaches.

4.The jazzy names just didn't fit the lackluster products.

5.By contrast, his achievements as prime minister have been lackluster,

6.His lackluster personal style has undermined the authority of his government.

7.The changes come after lackluster performance in the past six months.

8.MetroStars coach Carlos Queiros blamed the heat for a lackluster effort.

9.He ran a lackluster campaign for president in the 1992 primaries.

10.Dreamworks'first major record, has had a lackluster reception.

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lacking luster or shine; "staring with lackluster eyes"; "lusterless hair"
Synonyms: lacklustre, lusterless, lustreless,

lacking brilliance or vitality; "a dull lackluster life"; "a lusterless performance"
Synonyms: lacklustre, lusterless, lustreless,

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