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landed estate sentence in Hindi

"landed estate" meaning in Hindi
  • In the 18th century the continued growth of large landed estates.
  • Then, in later life Baldwin added to his landed estates.
  • A Russian mission arrived in registry and possession of landed estates.
  • This was the initial stage of the formation of Spanish landed estates.
  • Great landed estates are usually found in relatively flat country.
  • This created a sharp conflict between the duke and the landed estates.
  • The Liberals supported land reform through the state acquisition of large landed estates.
  • By the 7th century Reculver had become a landed estate of the Sandwich.
  • The Landed Estates Court a register, the " Record of Title ".
  • New Barn originates from a former landed estate, the New Barn Estate.
  • It was bought by Richard Grubb through the Landed Estates Court in 1855.
  • In 1858 Lloyd inherited a share in the Welsh landed estate of Hengwrt.
  • He owned the largest private landed estate in the United Kingdom, covering some.
  • The term hacienda is imprecise, but usually refers to landed estates of significant size.
  • He purchased half a dozen landed estates in Saxony to supply timber for pit props.
  • Particular prestige was attached to those who inherited landed estates over a number of generations.
  • The hamlet forms a part of Beachborough Manor, which became a small landed estate.
  • His daughters by his second marriage were his co-heirs in his landed estates.
  • The landed estate of the school embraced.
  • Maria Piotrowiczowa came from a patriotic landowning family, possessing extensive landed estates near A�dz.
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