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landdrost sentence in Hindi

"landdrost" meaning in Hindi
  • During the administrative office of a Landdrost there is no municipal council.
  • The ordinance permitted couples to be married by a landdrost and two heemraden.
  • Said to be named after Charles Frederick Warden, landdrost of Harrismith from 1884 to 1900.
  • The field cornet was subject to the landdrost of the district and acted as his representative.
  • Krogh later become Landdrost of Middelburg.
  • In 1984 the " Landdrost " became the first mayor of the new city Almere.
  • In 1805 the growing village of Roodezand was renamed'Tulbagh'and a landdrost was stationed there.
  • The East Frisian Landdrost Boing of Oldersum came to Maria's rescue and drove the invaders out of Jeverland.
  • During the initial period of inhabitation a special, government-appointed officer was installed, known as the " Landdrost ".
  • The latter swore him in on 14 February 1804, at which time Graaff-Reinet had been without a permanent landdrost since 1801.
  • H�hne had a long career in the service of the Orange Free State, starting circa 1863 as Landdrost of the District of Philippolis.
  • He is most commonly known for being the Witwatersrand's first mining commissioner and Johannesburg's first " landdrost ".
  • Sir John Cradock sanctioned an expenditure of 12 000 rixdollars on public buildings and work began at once on a house for the deputy landdrost.
  • Krogh held the position of Magistrate of Pretoria from 1 June 1878 to 31 December 1878, with duties similar to that of a Landdrost.
  • Under Hanoverian rule, the " Landdrostei " emerged, with the " Landdrost " as the highest state representative in the province.
  • With minister, deputy landdrost, constable and policmen, the inhabitants could consider their tiny village well on the way to being a " town ".
  • In 1795 the burghers, smarting under the exactions of the VOC, and under the leadership of Adriaan van Jaarsveld, expelled the " Landdrost"
  • An order for his arrest was issued and landdrost Andries Stockenstr�m of Graaff-Reinet instructed the Deputy-Messenger of the Court to carry out the order.
  • Here he was promoted to Landdrost on 25 October 1866 and another four years later, on 28 September 1870 he was transferred to Kroonstad in the same position.
  • An ordinance passed in 1827 abolished the old Dutch " " landdrost " " and " " heemraden " " courts, instead substituting resident magistrates.
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