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landed sentence in Hindi

"landed" meaning in Hindilanded in a sentence
  • Within the first 15 minutes an 80-pounder was landed.
  • He's the kid brother who landed the better genes.
  • Bailey auditioned for and landed the trumpeting job three years ago.
  • We landed in the countryside about 15 miles south of Langres.
  • Hewett parachuted and landed in a field where Germans captured him.
  • His beginnings have a lot to do with where he landed.
  • The foreigners have landed and deployed their weapons in the country.
  • Mack's big ling cod was the only one landed.
  • The landed and landless have lived in uneasy peace for decades.
  • Another bomb landed Thursday afternoon 500 yards from the presidential palace.
  • It could drift down for long minutes after the ball landed.
  • Some past marketing ploys, however, landed with a thud.
  • The airplane landed safely about 20 minutes after the incident occurred.
  • Major tenants could be landed in four months, he said.
  • Democrats have landed a few decent short-term tactical blows,
  • "Maybe he hasn't landed yet,"
  • When we landed in France, we went directly into combat.
  • I think we saved all the trainers who landed that day.
  • Joe Nememchek did a complete flip and landed on his roof.
  • He landed a consulting position at Montgomery Securities in San Francisco.
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