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lay waste to sentence in Hindi

"lay waste to" meaning in Hindi  
  • Minefields now lay waste to arable land from Afghanistan to Cambodia.
  • This provoked Shapur himself to invade and lay waste to Armenia.
  • During the battle, the League lays waste to Nanda Parbat.
  • He will lay waste to all who stand before him.
  • In the process, they lay waste to the quaint old shop.
  • A hog can lay waste to a pond dam.
  • The Corrupted intended to lay waste to Earth instead.
  • This second column entered Galicia and proceeded to lay waste to the land.
  • A fusillade of energy bolts lay waste to perimeter buildings of the Alpha installation.
  • She feared evil kings like Kali would continue to lay waste to the earth.
  • All across the globe, the Horsemen lay waste to the area around them.
  • Using them, the gang lays waste to the Brotherhood's dockside headquarters.
  • A massive Covenant fleet arrives at Reach and lays waste to much of the planet.
  • Not long after, Chang's mercenaries attack and lay waste to the camp.
  • Doria managed to capture the city, and to lay waste to the surrounding coast.
  • Suddenly, a fleet of bioships appears nearby and lays waste to the Borg planet.
  • A boar lays waste to a country, and two brothers set out to kill it.
  • The resulting earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions lay waste to anything in their path.
  • In rapid succession the Superforts lay waste to the industrial areas of Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe.
  • They're thrown back together when a horrendous disease lays waste to a small California town.
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