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layer cloud sentence in Hindi

"layer cloud" meaning in Hindi  
  • Differences in planetary boundary layer cloud modeling schemes can lead to large differences in derived values of climate sensitivity.
  • The wet season is from October to May, and summers are often overcast, the sun blocked by marine layer clouds which can produce drizzle.
  • A model that decreases boundary layer clouds in response to global warming has a climate sensitivity twice that of a model that does not include this feedback.
  • The marine layer clouds of a June Gloom day usually are at their maximum at dawn, when the surface air is at a minimum temperature and the temperature difference in the inversion layer is at its maximum.
  • The detection of biomass burning aerosols were shown to decrease the cloud droplet radius within these warm layer clouds in agreement with the Albrecht effect, while simultaneously decreasing liquid water path in contrast to the Albrecht effect.
  • Designed to measure multiple layer cloud ceiling heights and then send that data via satellite communications link to an operator display, the system uses a Neodinum YAG ( NdYAG ), 4 megawatt non-eye safe laser.

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