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English-Hindi > lexicographer

lexicographer meaning in Hindi

lexicographer sentence in Hindi
1.Here is one political lexicographer's speculation about its derivation.

2.On this usage point, the mavens and lexicographers stand firm.

3.Sheidlower is 34 and has been a lexicographer for 11 years.

4.Lexicographers must make sure that no common word is left out.

5.As a lexicographer he compiled collections of archaic and unusual words.

6.Present-day lexicographers reject this theory as conjectural and disproved.

7.Failing to get published, I became a lexicographer and editor.

8.But long before 1971, lexicographers were recording similar uses.

9.Lascivious lexicographers have closely examined-kini as a popular combining form.

10.Lexicographers say the new century is bringing a new vocabulary.

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a compiler or writer of a dictionary; a student of the lexical component of language
Synonyms: lexicologist,

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