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lexicologist meaning in Hindi

lexicologist sentence in Hindi
1.Ashoori has worked extensively as an author, essayist, translator, lexicologist.

2.More seriously, per lexicologist, are any of the 188 sources better than the dictionary?

3.This is because "'you are probably not a lexicologist or a lexicographer " '.

4.Through the work of computational lexicologists almost every portion of a print dictionary entry has been studied ranging from:

5.Most computational lexicologists moved on to build large corpora to gather the basic data that lexicographers had used to create dictionaries.

6.Sometimes lexicography is considered to be a part or a branch of lexicology, but properly speaking, only lexicologists who actually write dictionaries are lexicographers.

7.His brother-in-law was the lexicologist, John Davies, who assisted him with the revision of the Welsh Bible and Book of Common Prayer

8.However, for lexicologist P�draig ?Siochfhradha ( aka An Seabhach ), the name does not refer to a foreign settlement but to a rocky headland ?( " Gall-iorrus " ).

9.I object to the use of Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski as a reference in anything outside his professional field ( engineering, altho his work as a lexicologist was well-received ), cited here three or four times ( refs 81 and 82 ).

10.Its unfortunate that you disagree with the critically aclaimed dictionary that was chosen, but as you've freqently mentioned Wikipedia : You are probably not a lexicologist or a lexicographer and the respected author of that book, William Safire, actually is.

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