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English-Hindi > lexicography

lexicography meaning in Hindi

lexicography sentence in Hindi
1.In lexicography, archaic means old-fashioned but in use.

2.The result of practical legal lexicography is called a law dictionary.

3.He is often regarded as the founder of English language lexicography.

4.Antedating is a key task in lexicography and a popular sport.

5.At this point Odendal had published several papers on the lexicography.

6.His main research areas are history of Romance languages and lexicography.

7.Modern lexicography regards itself as recording and reporting much more than prescribing.

8.Another branch of lexicology, together with lexicography is phraseology.

9.Of the project Ashmead said " we can make lexicography cool ".

10.Are there any decent online, free sources on lexicography?

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the act of writing dictionaries

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