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lissome sentence in Hindi

"lissome" meaning in Hindilissome in a sentence
  • I think the privately educated, lissome Gwyneth Paltrow fits the mold nicely.
  • At 47, Oblinger is petite and lissome.
  • As Cecilia, Kirtadze is not asked to do more than smile and flaunt her lissome figure.
  • The Gaians, for instance, are die-hard Greens led by a lissome Scottish botanist.
  • The numbers where the men are teasing Miong about a " lovely, lissome lass"
  • This instrumental quartet features four lissome women who specialize in a blend of classical and lush pop sounds.
  • Lissome women in dazzling ao dai sheath dresses ride by on motorbikes, wearing flowered hats instead of helmets.
  • A lissome young woman climbed onto the mini-stage near the bar and began undressing in an impromptu striptease.
  • By 1932, though, she had become the lissome human charmer called Betty Boop, and Bimbo was her pet.
  • The blades of traditional Japanese knives tend to be specialized for particular kitchen tasks and often appear more lissome than brawny.
  • Under his keen baton, the academy plays in typically polished fashion, its strings lissome, winds pellucid and brass glinting.
  • In this version the part belongs to Stuart Townsend, a lissome, faintly androgynous young man and not an obvious choice.
  • Rich women draped with mink idling in the air-conditioned chill of the Eden Roc Hotel while lissome bodies bake on the beach.
  • Lord Alfred was a man of lissome, androgynous beauty and, though a narcissistic tantrum thrower, charming when he wanted to be.
  • "Dip me again ! " begs a lithe apprentice, bent like a birch at the hands of a lissome lad.
  • In the clip, a lissome Pocahontas sang about the beauty of America to a dashing John Smith who is clearly smitten with her.
  • Most outfits-for both men and women-were designed by a lissome former model and London fashion student from Bangladesh, Bibi Russell.
  • The lissome, laughing princess who boosted British tourism and fashion during her lifetime has spawned an industry of her own : Diana-bilia.
  • And Iowa still chooses a lissome young thing every year to wear a crown and a pigskin sash that identifies her as the Iowa Pork Queen.
  • Naomi Judd, who co-produced the miniseries from her autobiography, is played by Cari Shayne as a teenager and later by the lissome Kathleen York.
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