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English-Hindi > lissome

lissome meaning in Hindi

lissome sentence in Hindi
1.I think the privately educated, lissome Gwyneth Paltrow fits the mold nicely.

2.At 47, Oblinger is petite and lissome.

3.As Cecilia, Kirtadze is not asked to do more than smile and flaunt her lissome figure.

4.The Gaians, for instance, are die-hard Greens led by a lissome Scottish botanist.

5.The numbers where the men are teasing Miong about a " lovely, lissome lass"

6.This instrumental quartet features four lissome women who specialize in a blend of classical and lush pop sounds.

7.Lissome women in dazzling ao dai sheath dresses ride by on motorbikes, wearing flowered hats instead of helmets.

8.A lissome young woman climbed onto the mini-stage near the bar and began undressing in an impromptu striptease.

9.By 1932, though, she had become the lissome human charmer called Betty Boop, and Bimbo was her pet.

10.The blades of traditional Japanese knives tend to be specialized for particular kitchen tasks and often appear more lissome than brawny.

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moving and bending with ease
Synonyms: lissom, lithe, lithesome, slender, supple, svelte, sylphlike,

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