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maced sentence in Hindi

"maced" meaning in Hindi
  • I was maced, punched and kicked in the head for two minutes.
  • They are then maced by Emmett, who is then incapacitated by Casey.
  • As Star lay critically wounded and bleeding, a second officer maced her.
  • Cling, who was Maced in the face, wrestled Gene to the ground.
  • But then DeJesus got a call saying that her son had been maced at school.
  • Except that somewhere on the wrong side of midnight that night, the star goaltender got Maced.
  • In the lawsuits, prisoners complained of being maced and beaten for no reason and of being served inedible food.
  • Police jabbed participants with batons, and maced several more before arresting those who would not disperse . 22 people were arrested.
  • If you've ever been Maced or tear-gassed, you have some idea what Slowik's horseradish can do.
  • Only one fan actually was able to climb the posts, and when he was pulled down, he was maced and handcuffed.
  • When Jeff and Lester realize that there are other robbers in the store, they flee, only to get maced by Emmett.
  • Healy claimed to have been " roughed up ", maced, and arrested outside his sister's bar in Bradley Beach in 2006.
  • It has been 37 years since police maced protestors on California's Berkeley campus, a generation ago and eight years after Cal's last Rose Bowl appearance.
  • They arrive at the park to find Cartman throwing rocks at the walls in anger over having lost his fortune before being maced by the security guard he originally hired.
  • He climbs on top of the construction truck and manages to climb on top of the truck, where he discovers the dead body of the woman who had earlier maced him.
  • "We did get caught up in the police riot and some of us were maced, hit and arrested, but that's another story, " she said.
  • "We got Maced, we got kicked, we got roughed up " by federal agents, Tony Zumbado, an NBC camera man, told his colleagues on the air Saturday afternoon, explaining why his pictures never materialized.
  • A robber maced a mailman Thursday and made off with 2.5 million kroner ( dlrs 410, 000 ) in cash intended for old age pensions in what Norway's postal service said was the biggest theft in its history.
  • Look, I know that I come off as having strong feelings about this, but that isn't the same thing as having a bias, unless you want to say that I have bias against nonviolent protesters being maced without provocation.
  • Some of the worst cases of police brutality in the past four years have included a man being maced for not having a fishing license and a teen aged girl being badly roughhoused for possessing alcohol ( a report on the incident can be found here ).
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