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macellum sentence in Hindi

"macellum" meaning in Hindi
  • These depictions facilitate the identification of the building as a macellum.
  • Within the Macellum on the south side are twelve shops.
  • When Neapolis became a Roman possession it was eventually transformed into a macellum.
  • An early Christian basilica was constructed over the remains of the covered macellum.
  • As a result, the mud slide preserved the remains of the macellum,
  • A covered market or " macellum " completes the ornaments of this monumental centre.
  • Since no interior stairs were found, access must have been from outside the Macellum.
  • A further portico must have been located inside the Macellum itself, but none of its columns remain.
  • After Eusebius died in 342, both Julian and Gallus were exiled to the imperial estate of Macellum in Cappadocia.
  • The macellum had an entrance to the north, where the tholos, a circular building used for food selling.
  • The "'Macellum of Naples "'was the macellum or market building of the San Lorenzo Maggiore.
  • The "'Macellum of Naples "'was the macellum or market building of the San Lorenzo Maggiore.
  • Already in the Augustan period the Porta Esquilina should be included in the Esquiline Forum, that included the market called the Macellum Liviae.
  • The " Tabernae " opened onto the " Via delli Augustali " and were not connected to the interior of the Macellum.
  • Of particular interest to researchers is the section of the Macellum located on the east side that is thought to have been dedicated to the imperial cult.
  • Its plan corresponds to the layout of a Roman forum, and so far a porticoed walkway and a " macellum " have been exposed.
  • Only the lower story is preserved, but there was also an upper floor, in which there are presumed to have been attic quarters for Macellum workers.
  • His daughter Alleia was also a public priestess and may have had a statue dedicated to her in the Macellum, which was the town's market building.
  • A market building ( macellum ) with a central courtyard around which were the sales rooms, and the baths ( tepidarium with geometric shapes and mosaics ) were renovated.
  • It is believed that after the death of Eusebius in 341, Constantius then sent Gallus and Julian to continue their studies at the imperial household in Macellum, Cappadocia.
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