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English-Hindi > macellum

macellum meaning in Hindi

macellum sentence in Hindi

• मंडी
1.These depictions facilitate the identification of the building as a macellum.

2.Within the Macellum on the south side are twelve shops.

3.When Neapolis became a Roman possession it was eventually transformed into a macellum.

4.An early Christian basilica was constructed over the remains of the covered macellum.

5.As a result, the mud slide preserved the remains of the macellum,

6.A covered market or " macellum " completes the ornaments of this monumental centre.

7.Since no interior stairs were found, access must have been from outside the Macellum.

8.A further portico must have been located inside the Macellum itself, but none of its columns remain.

9.After Eusebius died in 342, both Julian and Gallus were exiled to the imperial estate of Macellum in Cappadocia.

10.The macellum had an entrance to the north, where the tholos, a circular building used for food selling.

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