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machetes sentence in Hindi

"machetes" meaning in Hindi
  • A recent documentary showed a live execution by machete in Burma.
  • I saw people running through the streets with machetes and clubs.
  • Death squads cut off the faces of their victims with machetes.
  • Scores of other Hutu were wounded with machetes by Hutu militias.
  • Suddenly, she grins, and holds up three gleaming machetes.
  • Pro-junta thugs brandishing machetes jeered in the streets below.
  • Despots, using machetes to kill, ravish their scant possessions.
  • Six were released and eight were hacked to death with machetes.
  • Ballard then slit the boy's neck with a machete.
  • They cut me with a machete, and they killed me.
  • People were armed, some with guns, some with machetes.
  • Instead, the soldiers brought another machete with a shorter blade.
  • Put away your machetes, and start sharpening up your words.
  • How do they earn a living without a gun or machete?
  • I stopped people in the marketplace and threatened them with machetes.
  • Then a machete-wielding killer starts thinning the employee pool.
  • Some had machete wounds, others had been stoned or beaten.
  • Some vaccinators were chased out of villages by people with machetes.
  • Police say 109 villagers have been massacred, some with machetes.
  • One polling official was treated for machete wounds after being attacked.
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